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"I started learning with Ms. Goldin this March, and I saw huge improvement in the time she’s been teaching me. Ms. Goldin has helped me so much, and she’s always really patient whenever I make mistakes or don’t understand something. She supported me during recitals and Flute Camp, and made sure to help me with anything I had trouble with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone trying to find a flute teacher."

-Emma Z. 

"Miss Anastasia is by far the best music teacher I’ve ever had. If I have a problem with something, she’s really patient, and helps me through it and makes sure I understand. I would absolutely recommend her to anybody who’s looking for a new music teacher!!"

-Asmita P.

"My daughter has been taking flute lessons with Anastasia for over 1 year now. Anastasia has a very warm personality and is patient and friendly. She is easy to talk to and always punctual and professional. Learning a musical instrument can be tough at times, but Anastasia makes it fun for my daughter to continue learning. I highly recommend Anastasia as a music teacher."

-Sonya P.

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